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Online sales are going crazy!

Everybody's doing it, you will be doing it soon! More and more companies are selling, closing and scheduling projects online. Home Advisor, Service Whale, even Amazon are players in this new online remodeling market.

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How do your suppliers treat you?

Read about these remodeler/supplier relationships. You may start to wonder if your suppliers are treating you good enough.

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Boomers are a great target market!

Your plan should be to remodel for boomers. Make a menu of projects that help them age-in-place.

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Treat your customers like gold

Treat your customers like gold because they are! After reading this great article I realized they didn't even consider referrals from these happy customers.

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Aging in Place

This is a great checklist to refer to when working with aging customers. It's amazing the number of items that can help people stay in their current homes as they get older.

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