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Follow the boomers - you'll be glad you did!

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Insulation Primer

I have worked a lot with the Building Science people and things can get very complicated. This is a simple primer on making sense about insulation. Take a look.  

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2016 Market Leader Awards

Take a look at 8 of the most highly respected companies in Remodeling! Save

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Millenials vs Boomers

Here is another reason to focus on boomers, taken directly from this article. Millennials spent an average of $24,500 on remodels in 2015, whereas Baby Boomers + spent an average of $73,300.

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Online sales are going crazy!

Everybody's doing it, you will be doing it soon! More and more companies are selling, closing and scheduling projects online. Home Advisor, Service Whale, even Amazon are players in this new online remodeling market.

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