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Multiple Platforms for Remodeling Estimates

Clear Estimates automatically prepares several types of Proposals & Reports

Automatically create a customer-ready Proposal, written in full sentences, describing in detail everything included in the Estimate! All you have to do is print them out then go impress your client!

You can customize your Proposals & Reports anyway you want. You can add boilerplate text such as Contract language, signature lines, cancellation info or even payment schedules just once - then add it to any Proposal in any location.

Full sentence specifications are automatically transferred from the Parts you have selected for the Estimate to your Proposal.

Your customers will love your professional Proposals & Reports with your logo, scope of work, boilerplate language, Part specifications and more.

Preliminary Estimating ProposalClick on reports to enlarge


Cost Estimating Status ReportClick on reports to enlarge


Alternate Estimating Report FormatClick on reports to enlarge


Creating Proposals

Creating Remodeling Proposals Video


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