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RemodelMAX is no longer publishing the Costs for Remodeling manual in print form as of January 2019.

Clear Estimates Remodeling Software is available with the RemodelMAX database. See link above.


2018 RemodelMAX Estimating Manuals

Regularly $69.50 plus $3.50 S&H


The RemodelMAX estimating manual contains over 400 pages of labor & material costs researched specifically for your local area! We research 350 different areas and produce a manual for each one, meaning that the manual you get will be for the local area where you work.

Over 8,000 items used by remodelers are included in this comprehensive manual.  The RemodelMAX Estimating Manual is so complete it even shows the man-hours for each item and lists the hourly labor costs used for each category! No longer will you have to wait days for subcontractor estimates, spend hours on the phone gathering material costs and long nights finalizing overdue estimates for your customers!

Many Cost books offer fewer items and fewer pages for a much higher price - why pay more for less! The RemodelMAX Estimating Manual costs only $69.50 and is modified specifically for your local area.

 In addition, a download of the RemodelMAX Estimating Manual in the form of an E-Book (Adobe PDF file) is available at no additional charge as well as the database in Microsoft Excel Database format. After placing your order request the files at

RemodelMAX Estimating Manual Sample Pages

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